The Best Team Around, I Can’t Ask For More

The Best Team Around, I Can’t Ask For More

There are so many wonderful things about Anikos Technologies it is hard to pin point just one. The greatest benefit is that they are always there to support us. No matter when or what time. If there is even the smallest of issues, I have no delay getting to someone at their office address the problem immediately.

Anikos Technologies takes the time to get to know our staff and company. They know our needs and understand how our business works. Anytime we have needed to adjust our services or make changes to our systems, I have full trust in their team to get things taken care of in the proper way. Anikos is knowledgeable on new and upcoming technologies and they always make us aware of ways to improve our IT services.

What sets them apart from other IT companies, is there is never a sales pitch. They explain the advantages of different services, but answer directly when asked if things are absolutely needed, they give lots of options when asked what improvements can be made.

If you want personal friendly trust worthy services for your IT needs, Anikos is your company. They are a local business to the Palm Beach County. I know all of them by name.

Hiring Anikos means you are hiring a team that makes you feel like they are a part of your team, and more importantly friends.

They are people you can count on, a team you can call for any issue and know they will explain things to you in terms that I can understand. A team that is up to date with innovative technologies.

If you are a company that is small and doesn’t feel like you need a dedicated IT team all the time, you are wrong, you do need it, They monitor our systems 24/7 and reach out to us before issues even occur. They are watching out for you even when you don’t know you need it.

Cyber security is a threat for all businesses. You want the best defenders on your side protecting your business while you worry about the important things you need to do to grow your business.

We have moved our office twice in 15 years and both times Anikos has had our backs. They lifted such a weight off our shoulders with the moving process. Knowing things would be taken care of in a timely manner by the best team around. I can’t ask for anything better than that!!

Anikos is a part of the Carl Domino, Inc. family and we wouldn’t dream of using any other IT company. Make the choice of Anikos and you will be able to rest easy that your business is in the best hands. Call them today.

Jennifer Vandergrift
Vice President of Operations
Carl Domino, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL