VoIP/Phone Solutions

Whether your organization has five people or five thousand, the advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol telephony are immense.

VoIP’s benefits include stable and reduced monthly costs, improved audio quality, and greatly expanded functionality. For example, VoIP enables collaboration tools like voice or video conferencing, shared screens and whiteboards, and call forwarding anywhere to mobile devices like laptops or cell phones. What’s more, CRM capabilities are built in, including enhanced voicemail and customizable call handling.

VoIP provides telecommunications over your broadband internet connection, which brings two more huge advantages: first, the amount of data that can be transmitted is many times that of landlines, hence the sound improvement and added functionality described above; second, your ‘telephone bill’ is no more, because your phone service fees are now included in your internet service.

Contact Anikos Technologies today to learn how VoIP can provide:

  • Functionalities like video conferencing and shared whiteboards
  • Substantial savings over legacy telecommunication bills
  • Increased team collaboration and improved customer communication
  • Peace of mind from knowing your telecom system is monitored and maintained
  • Better sound quality compared to traditional telephones

Get in touch with Anikos Technologies today to hear how VoIP can boost your productivity and significantly lower costs.