Network Security

The IT network is the foundation on which the communication and productivity of an organization depends. It is also the primary entry point for malicious software intrusions.

These can threaten everything from your internet bandwidth to the very survival of your company. To protect your network and your organization, you need to bring in network professionals who can provide regular security software updates, threat detection strategies, and immediate response tools.

Anikos Technologies uses a 3-step system of network security: protection, detection and response. We begin by running a threat detection assessment to identify your system’s weak points, then design and implement the appropriate tools and protocols to ensure network stability and defense. After that, the detection process runs 24/7 to filter and block all levels of threat, from productivity-draining spam to reputation-ruining data theft. If an issue arises at any time, remote tools allow Anikos Technologies to mitigate the damage and protect your systems and data. Chances are, we’ll know that there’s a problem before you do, and fix it before it can take effect.

The benefits of Anikos Technologies’ Network Security include:

  • Analysis session to assess your current network infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring & management
  • Regular updates for anti-malware strategies & tools
  • Server/workstation maintenance & offsite backup options
  • Web content & email filtering, combined with best-practices training

Contact Anikos Technologies about our Network Security service and learn how yours can be made more stable and secure.