Disaster Recovery Planning

IT equipment failure, natural disasters, and cybercrime are serious threats to your business data.

Prevention is prudent but never absolute; the only factor you can control is the outcome: getting back to business unscathed by data loss after a calamity. Anikos Technologies’ Disaster Recovery Planning service offers a complete business continuity solution with integrated data backup and restoration.

The safety and integrity of your data is crucial. We offer a number of data backup solutions to ensure that should something go awry, your data is safe and sound. From redundant RAID drives and other forms of onsite backup systems, to more secure backups on offsite servers, regular data backups are a must.

If a server does fail Anikos Technologies understands that most businesses can’t wait days to recover, therefore we employ the “bare metal restore” process:

  • This approach uses applications that create an exact image of a server or workstation
  • If your hardware is lost, damaged or inaccessible, the image can be restored onto another device
  • Your applications, files and data can now be accessed on the new machine
  • Performing a bare metal recovery saves time and results in huge cost savings for our clients
  • Not only is this process less expensive, your business will be up and running faster after the server failure.

Contact Anikos Technologies today to learn how our Disaster Recovery Planning can bring peace of mind to your organization.